Beyoncé Albums Ranked

The Queen. The Supreme. The DDDiva isafemaleversionofahustla. Beyonce Giselle is today's best performing artist & I loves her. May I present Her Most Bootylicious (it's a word...seriously, she's so powerful she CREATES WORDS) Excellency's six gifts to Earth, including her latest visual album (remember when we called them music vidjas?), ranked💃🏽
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    Beyoncé (2013)
    Her iconic album, the visual LP that took the Internet by storm on December 13, 2013. My b'day week (thanks, Bey!). This, imho, is the quintessential. Drunk in Love, Flawless, Partition on the same album? Those three were so thoroughly original. All of 'em are. Pretty Hurts is a nice Unpretty-ish ballad and album opener. This established her new obsession with interludes, too. I just can't with Blow now, though, which bothers me; this guy ruined it by lipsynching it during sex😐 ... #joncé
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    I Am...Sasha Fierce (2008)
    If Beyoncé is THE Beyoncé album, then IASF can at least claim THE Beyonciest song. I'm talking about Single Ladies. Did you instinctively say "whoa-oo-oh!" while flipping your hand back and forth in front of your face? Of course ya did. Because that's the power of Single Ladies. Perhaps the most iconic music video choreography after Thriller & Vogue. Idk about the rest of the Beyhive, but I liked the high conceptyness and her sort of embracing both her authentic and performative selves at once👯
  3. 3.
    Lemonade (2016)
    ...ok, listen - I love it. It doesn't matter that I love it, because I agree that she is speaking to and for a specific audience as both a leading feminist especially for WOC plus she's a HUGE influence on young men and women the world over, but I love it just the same. It didn't hit it out of the park on the songs alone - for me it's better with the visuals - but she is so confident and powerful here, no holds barred. My favorites: Hold Up / Sorry / Freedom 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋That yellow dress😍
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    4 (2011)
    The most anthemic of her albums. So many great ones on this that reflect the full grown woman Bey had become. Best Thing I Never Had, Countdown (dinna time!), End of Time, Run the World (Girls), Schoolin' Life, and the vocal showcase smash that is Love on Top. We all remember Bey unsnapping her sparkly blazer at the VMAs and rubbing her baby bump (haiiiiii Blue Ivy) at the end of that one. Love WAS on top that night, BeyBey. And it still is. It still is. 🍀👶🏽☄🌿 #whorunstheworld #Beyonce
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    B'Day (2006)
    Where I believe the Beyonce we see today found her sound. Perhaps this is why she fittingly named it after the day she first graced the world with her presence: 9.4.81. Irreplaceable. Upgrade U. Ring the Alarm. Deja Vu. And my personal favorites: Get Me Bodied & Freakum Dress. Also where the world began to recognize that this was a Janet level performer in terms of her music video choreography. The extended ...Bodied video was an instant classic. The Spanish version was a big hit for her. 💋👗
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    Dangerously in Love (2003)
    Like a fine wine, she's aged with time, but that doesn't mean her first solo venture was a failure. In fact, there are some singles with legs on this 13 year old album. Most notably, of course, the single that launched her post-DC career and marked her quasi-debut as a solo artist: Crazy In Love. But don't forget the title track, which was actually first on a Destiny's Child album, or the Donna Summers-sampling Naughty Girl, and of course Baby Boy featuring Sean Paul (oh na na na) 💀💘
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    She's bootylicious.
  8. 8.
    She's iconic.
  9. 9.
    She slays.
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    And we love her!