Britney Albums Ranked

She's Miss American Dream since she was 17. πŸŽ€πŸ’πŸ‘ΈπŸ’ƒπŸ‘‘πŸŒŸ
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    Blackout (2007)
    The best in the midst of the worst (if Britney can get thru 2008...), Blackout was a pretty meta pop album about paparazzi and the public demands of celebrity, and imho BritBrit's most infectious pop earcandy. Gimme More, Radar, Piece of Me, Hot as Ice, Ooh Ooh Baby, and my favorite Britney song ever: Break the Ice. I also think she found her ideal sound on this one - a Neptunes-y, edgy futuristic vibe that's just a tinge darker and more electro than Slave 4 U. This is THE Britney Spears album.
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    Femme Fatale (2011)
    Such a great one with some of her sexiest songs: Criminal, How I Roll, I Wanna Go, and Til the World Ends. My fav is He About to Lose Me though. The shaky-breakiness of her voice makes it sultry but also vulnerable. I'm giving her a lot of credit as a vocalist, but her producers clearly have realized what works for her, and she hits it out of the park. Like RiRi, she just puts out solid hit singles left and right. I think she's certainly lost steam over time, but was pleasantly surprised on #7.
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    Britney (2001)
    BS got funky on this one, and by funky I mean she tried to find the punk rocker beneath the pink pop teenybopper. While I Love Rock n' Roll and Overprotected were fun and frivolous, everyone knows the star of this album is the iconic snake-on-her-shoulders-at-the-VMAs Slave 4 U and the sugar sweet ballad Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman, the last true slow song single from our girl. Clearly, this was the "I'm not a nice girl" album, and she kept the Britney wave going strong with it.
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    Oops!... I Did It Again (2000)
    The album that cemented She was the pop princess to rule all pop princesses (at least until RiRi booted her down a rung on the Royal pop social ladder). There's nothing as Y2k-y as watching the Oops! video with its Titanic ref and that damn red rubber suit. This was "is she a virgin?!" Brit who was clearly not a girl, not yet a woman. Second half of the album's bleh, but the first had Lucky, Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know, Stronger, Satisfaction, and title track. Second solo album: success!
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    ...Baby One More Time (1999)
    Her best selling and, I have to say, still one of my favorite albums. I remember listening to this on my Walkman, singing along to Soda Pop (bop shoobop!) and Email My Heart. I love the transformation of singers' vocals over their careers, and we all know Brit had a very different texture and range in the 90s than the Aughts. Listen to Bottom of my Broken Heart for proof. Still fun to revisit stage 1 Spears and her classic Baby One More Time/ Sometimes days πŸ˜†
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    Circus (2008)
    I don't think Circus was a total failure, but songs like Toy Soldier prevent it from being one of her best. While people went nuts for If U Seek Amy, it's one of my least favorites of hers (I loathe that song), I'd rather listen to the title track. The real winner and Britniest song is clearly Womanizer. Great video too!
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    In the Zone (2003)
    The standouts from this album were her duet with her sometimes on stage make out partner, Madonna, on Me Against the Music, and the obvious Britney classic Toxic. Otherwise, this one misses the target for me. She had run out of fuel on the squeaky clean pop queen routine - she needed In the Zone so she could get to Blackout, which was a total departure for her. Breathe On Me and Everytime are good B sides on this album too.
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    Britney Jean (2013)
    Her most recent album, and her least well received. This is what the pop princess has called her most personal album for her fans. The album, which was released as she transitioned into her 30s, debuted at no. 40 on the Billboard 200 and received mixed reviews from critics. My favorite is of course Work Bitch, which was an instant gym playlist fav, but Perfume is also one of her best B-side singles in awhile and suits her voice.
  9. 9.
    B9 (2016)
    "Very different" and "not what you'd expect" says the singer of her latest album, which she recorded with the likes of Mischke Butler (Spice Girls, MJ, JoJo), songwriters Chantal Kreviazuk, Simon Wilcox, and Ian Kirkpatrick, and producer BURNS. First single is Makes Me Ooh.. and millions of Brit Army fans wait with bated breath...