Golden Girls Inspired Christmas List

Christmas is just days away, and unless you want coal from Big Red this year, you've only got a few precious hours left to buy that golden gift for your friend, family member, or "roommate." Lucky for you, I've got your golden ticket to golden gift-giving: The Golden Girls!
  1. The good thing about this gift is its really a gift for you too, since whoever you give it to will inevitably use it to send you a thank message for the lovely gift. Win-win.
  2. Holy Cheesecake, Batman! These sacred candles could illuminate a loved one's home with a golden glow and score you some prayer points fo sho.
  3. Something for the tykes.
  4. You don't even have a choice. You have to own this. Buy two pairs, one for your closet. #treatchoself
  5. Cheers, ladies!
  6. Make yourself a hot toddy or four with your spirit girl. You look like a Blanche from over here 😘
  7. For every occasion.
  8. If you're a baby, you pretty much know just how the inmates -I mean patients -of Shady Pines feel. Wear this in solidarity if you're under 2 years of age.
  9. Why not sit on a golden throne in your own palace? Now you can, with GG toilet seat covers. "I've never met a John I didn't like!" -Blanche
  10. This.