Inspired by @bware427 's list! If it's listin' that you want, you should make me your girl, your girl. Favorite/best tracks listed after album title (in parentheses).
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    1 Talk That Talk (2011) (We Found Love, Where Have You Been, Birthday Cake, Cockiness)
    The definitive Rihanna. From her grandest anthem We Found Love to her raunchiest dance track Cockiness to the frisky fun of Birthday Cake, she hits the majority of these songs out of the park. I also think this was the perfect balance of moods and flavors on a single album. She's such a versatile singer and she makes it seem so effortless, it's easy to forget that she's often stretching in many directions on a single record. I think T3 showcased this chamelonic quality while retaining cohesion.
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    2 Loud (2010) (S&M, Only Girl In The World, Man Down, Love the Way You Lie Part II, California King Bed)
    My favorite Rihanna album! It was really hard not to put this as number one, but I honestly think Talk That Talk is a better-produced album. I just love this one so much. Second best, and second best-selling. It's bubble gum meets BDSM and she nails it with Barbadian baddassity. S&M is responsible for burning approximately 100,000 of my calories at the gym. Thank you for that, Queen Ri. Only Girl is probably her best vocal performance, in my opinion (and I looove that video).
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    3 Anti (2016) (Love on the Brain, Neverending, Kiss It Better, Desperado, Work)
    R's constantly taking her voice & music in new directions. It's what I like best about her: when you listen to her music, you genuinely feel that she had fun making each track. One of her best. My fav's the vintagey Love on the Brain's throwback vibes. It's got bite, but it's oh so smooth. Lead single Drake-RiRiunion Work is everything you hoped for; other standouts include Desperado and Consideration feat. SZA. Anti=πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ’‹ UPDATE: repeated listens + make out session background music = new #1?
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    4 Unapologetic (2012) (No Love Allowed, Stay, Diamonds)
    This is like the boozy album Rihanna made after she'd been up all night celebrating the TTT release. I love the mysterious, technologic mood she achieves. It's crazy. It's sexy. It's cool. My favorite is actually No Love Allowed, which I think is one of her best tracks ever. I love its simplicity, her emotive voice, and the reggae pop sound. Stay is a lovely ballad and probably one of her best lyrically. Diamonds is fun and flirty, but fits the mood of the album, which is moodier overall. A-/B+
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    5 Good Girl Gone Bad (2007) (Disturbia, Umbrella, Hate That I Love You, Take A Bow)
    I have a love/hate relationship with her best-selling album. It has some essential RiRi classics: the chart-topping, record-breaking Umbrella for one, but also the underrated Disturbia, the pop ballad single Take a Bow, and the Mamase Mamasa Mamakusa thumping Don't Stop the Music. However, it's like the darkness is the light when I'm listening to Rehab, Shut Up and Drive, and the inexplicably bad WTF finale, If I Never See Your Face Again, with Maroon 5. WHY, Rihanna. Why?! 🌚n🌝 Sorry, Navy 😬
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    6 Rated R (2009) (Rude Boy, Te Amo, Cold Case Love, Russian Roulette)
    Rihanna at the evil, twisted, fun house carnival - that'd be the visual motif I would connect to this album's aural palate. Although, to be honest, this is not the most cohesive of her albums. In fact, it's one of her most uneven on the whole (tee-hee, on the hole). I ❀️ Rude Boy as I have a soft spot for any reggae RiRi, but there are a few solid tracks on this one, including the up-tempo Latin hit, Te Amo, and the epic 6+minute guitar-and-strings beatbox-backed Cold Case Love.
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    7 A Girl Like Me (2006) (SOS, Break It Off, Unfaithful)
    RiRi-lite for me, with a few standouts on a 'meh' album. Even the title track left me wanting a girl more like the Queen we know and love today. This was probably when they wanted her to go in the Aaliyah/JoJo direction, but she needed more punk-hip-pop. I like the Sean Paul collab Break It Off, with its Pon De Replay sequel feel. The Tainted Love-y SOS is clearly the best. For the record: if you can't correctly pronounce RHEE-ANNE-UH, listen to her say/sing it on Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
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    8 Music of the Sun (2005) (Pon De Replay, If It's Lovin' That You Want)
    Her first album was understandably her worst-performing, as we didn't yet understand who we were dealing with. Of course, there are songs that make you go, really, RiRi? There's a Thug in My Life?But I love her for taking risks on this first venture, even if they didn't quite hit the target, like That La, La, La. There's definitely a Bey-inspired vibe, which is often the case when artists debut and are immediately compared and aligned with other artists, but MotS also introduced a rising starπŸ’«
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    Rihanna's Top Performing Singles:
    Singles in the US: 6.4 million, "Love the Way You Lie" feat. Eminem / 5.4 million, "We Found Love" feat. Calvin Harris / 4.8 million, "Disturbia" / 4.7 million, "Live Your Life" feat. T.I. / 4.48 million, "Stay" feat. Mikky Ekko / 4.47 million, "Umbrella" feat. Jay Z / 3.844 million, "The Monster" feat. Eminem / 3.837 million, "S&M" / 3.7 million, "Don't Stop the Music" / 3.6 million, "Only Girl (In the World)" / 3.52 million, "Diamonds" / 3.49 million, "Run This Town" feat. Jay Z & Kanye West
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    Rihanna's Album Performances, Ranked:
    Studio Albums in the US: 2.8 million, Good Girl Gone Bad / 1.8 million, Loud / 1.4 million, A Girl Like Me / 1.2 million, Unapologetic / 1.15 million, Talk That Talk / 1.13 million, Rated R / 623,000,Music of the Sun *Anti, although only having been released for two days, has already gone platinum - 1mil copies - according to the RIAA, indicating it'll likely be one of her top selling albums (congrats RiRi!!!!!!!!) πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’‹ can't wait for #9!