Stop What You're Doing and Watch These TV Series From Start to Finish for the Love of Golden Girls!

Television shows are like antipsychotics: they keep us sane while offering us a completely different experience of the world, and you should always have them with food. Here's my dosage - which ones make your must-see TV list, my little listerines?
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    Golden Girls
    Picture it. 1985. Four women in their golden years share laughs, loves, and lots o' cheesecake. I know every. single. word. Every episode. Forever. My four best friends ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ง who cares if they're fictional? They're fabulous. And all the other "girls" that have followed owe more than a nod to these trailblazers - and yes, those blazers were shoulder-padded. Best ep: The Love Triangle
  2. 2.
    Six Feet Under
    It's now common to kill off main characters a la The Red Wedding & The Walking Dead, but it all began with Six Feet Under. 6FU played with its eponymous theme in incredibly inventive ways, & shows are still copying its often surprising, always unique choices. And that finale? I can't. I dare you not to cry through the best ending of any show ever (with an early Sia to boot!). As Claire drives away from the Fisher's funeral parlor, we're saying goodbye to family, too. Best ep: Everyone's Waiting
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    The West Wing
    And we're walking and talking and turning corners and it's fast and furious and political and American and I feel like an idiot and a genius simultaneously and Allison Janey wears glasses and assassination attempts and kidnappings and elections and M.S. and why can't President Bartlet be real?! That's pretty much what an episode of the epic, iconic political drama feels like for me. Aaron Sorkin's greatest work so far. Dat theme music doe... Best ep: In the Shadow of Two Gunmen
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    BBC's 2010 iteration of the literary sleuth couldn't and wouldn't be an instantaneous cult hit without its star Benedict Cumberbatch, a theater thesp who wowed the West End with his unique take on Frankenstein's monster and brings the same freshness to what could've been a paint-by-numbers portrait of Scotland Yard's finest. Cumberbatch (with help from everyman Martin Freeman as Watson) finds the sociopathic megalomaniac in a modern Holmes, and it just works. Best ep: A Scandal in Belgravia
  5. 5.
    When I was just a lil' DJ, I wanted to sit on the Connor's couch with that multicolored quilt and watch the chaos around me unfurl. They reminded me of my family: an overworked, funny, short-tempered dad; sarcastic, quippy siblings; crazy relatives who seemed to live at our house; and one larger than life matriarch. Not too different from home, but the Connors made the chaos so damn entertaining - which is what made the 9-season series a 90s staple. Best ep: Crime & Punishment/War & Peace
  6. 6.
    American Horror Story
    We lived in the Murder House, we escaped the Asylum, we protected the Coven, we attended the Freak Show, & we checked into the Hotel. I was partial to 2's Briarcliff myself (yes even with the aliens!), and while the show has its critics for its lack of narrative cohesion, plot holes, and Murphy's reveal that all the seasons are in fact connected, you can't deny the originality in tone and aesthetic. To a self-proclaimed horror fanatic, AHS remains the most innovative show. Best ep: The Name Game
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    Sex and the City
    "I'm a Carrie" became the phenomenological battle cry of every hopeful (and hopelessly perpetual) single 30-something living in a major metropolis in the late 90s - regardless of the fact that none of us are sex columnists with an endless clothing budget - thanks to this HBO juggernaut. Before there was a hashtag to tell us what was trending, we had Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. And we haven't spent date night alone since... Best ep: The Real Me, or The Good Fight
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    Graphic novel turned Showtime series, Dexter is the only show that shares a lead with another of my top ten. In both Six Feet Under and Dexter, the chameleonic Michael C. Hall plays a man plagued by death. Blood spatter expert by day Dexter Morgan moonlights as the grim reaper by night. At the heart of the show was a universal struggle between the good and evil within us all - Dexter's dark passenger. The other reason to watch? Jennifer Carpenter slays as Dex's detective sis. Best ep: Born Free
  9. 9.
    I Love Lucy
    Being a redhead's just so hard, sometimes a girl's gotta scrunch up her face and whine "but Riiiickyyyyy!" While there was certainly drama behind the scenes at Desilu, in front of the camera the Upper Eastside biffles Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel were all comedy. But it was clearly Lucy's show from start to finish. Probably the greatest television comedienne we've seen so far, known for her boundless physicality, myriad guises, and razor sharp timing. I love her. Best ep: Lucy Does A Commercial
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    Golden Girls