My 2017 Oscar Predictions

Will La La Land sweep? Will Moonlight be snubbed? Will Trump's administration effect the way people vote? One thing's for sure, that not everything is set in stone as we approach the Oscars tomorrow night and that's exciting. So, these are my predictions for every category (minus the short films which I have not seen).
  1. 21.
    Writing (Original Screenplay) - Manchester by the Sea
    Though La La Land could come in & take it Kenneth Lonergan's story of loss, guilt, and responsibility is beautifully paced and well thought out. It's a heart wrenching script and a worthy winner.
  2. 20.
    Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - Moonlight
    A truly remarkable film in all aspects but its script is certainly a high point. This tale of sexuality, masculinity, and the coming of age of a young black man is poignant, heartfelt, and raw in the best ways.
  3. 19.
    Visual Effects - The Jungle Book
    The fact this movie was shot entirely in downtown LA yet feels like you're there in the jungle is mind blowing. It's a massive step forward in terms of what you can do with effects and will likely take home an Oscar because of that.
  4. 18.
    Sound Mixing - Hacksaw Ridge
    A tough one to call, as almost all are worthy winners. However the battle scenes in Hacksaw Ridge might just clench it, and it's a way to award that movie so it doesn't go home empty handed.
  5. 17.
    Sound Editing - Hacksaw Ridge
    Normally, this and the previous category go hand in hand. Though, don't be surprised if La La Land takes both.
  6. 16.
    Production Design - Arrival
    Arrival is one of my favourite films from 2016 and I think it deserves something. A very beautifully made film that owes a lot to its design. The spaceships alone are magnificent.
  7. 15.
    Music (Original Song) - City of Stars from La La Land
    I mean, it's a musical so the music is obviously important. Though, there's a chance fan-favourite Lin Manuel Miranda could swoop in with his song from Disney's Moana. However the crooning number City of Stars is likely to take the statue.
  8. 14.
    Music (Original Score) - La La Land
    The music is great in this film and even though the other scores, including Moonlight and Arrival, are worthy winners expect La La Land to prevail here.
  9. 13.
    Makeup and Hair Styling - Star Trek Beyond
    I hope so anyway, otherwise it's 'and the Oscar goes to Suicide Squad...' and Star Trek was a decent film with some great makeup and hairstyling.
  10. 12.
    Foreign Language Film - Toni Erdmann
    This film is nothing short of brilliant. It's funny, touching, well written, and beautifully acted. A true powerhouse of a film that deserves recognition.
  11. 11.
    Film Editing - La La Land
    It's a hard award to give considering you're giving it to something you hopefully don't notice. Ideally, unless you're doing something specific, an audience shouldn't notice the editing. La La Land has some great scenes and it is well put together. It makes sense it will win here.
  12. 10.
    Documentary Feature - OJ: Made in America
    Over the past year the OJ trail has reentered popular culture and this 7 hour documentary examining the court case will most likely benefit from that.
  13. 9.
    Directing - La La Land (Damien Chazelle)
    If he wins, at 32, he'll be the youngest director ever to do so. However, he is deserving. Helming a film like La La Land is not easy and Chazelle pulled it off very well. It might be nice to see Barry Jenkin's take it for Moonlight (and that could happen) but it's probably Chazelle.
  14. 8.
    Costume Design - La La Land
    I mean, it doesn't have very strong competition this year. However, Jackie could pull it out of the bag and maybe, that's the better choice...
  15. 7.
    Cinematography - La La Land
    I want it to be Moonlight, I really do! I'm praying that La La Land is not victorious here. Moonlight did things I've never seen a film do before. Let's hope the academy pays attention to that. However, I'm guessing they won't. Hence why I am predicting La La Land again.
  16. 6.
    Animated Feature - Zootopia
    It's a great film and also one with a good message. Even if that message is, at times, a little too obvious it's still a worthy winner.
  17. 5.
    Actress in a Supporting Role - Viola Davis (Fences)
    There is no question. None at all. Davis will win and the world will be a better place. She is exceptional in Fences.
  18. 4.
    Actor in a Supporting Role - Mahershala Ali (Moonlight)
    He deserves this. A great performance in an incredible film. Let's hope the academy don't go wild here and snub him! At one point this felt inevitable but in recent weeks it's begun to feel a little shakey.
  19. 3.
    Actress in a Leading Role - Emma Stone (La La Land)
    It's basically locked at this point. Stone is going to win, and I think deservedly so. The audition scenes in La La Land alone make her a worthy winner. It's a performance that is nuanced, funny, and well rounded. As a long time Emma Stone fan I couldn't be happier.
  20. 2.
    Actor in a Leading Role - Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)
    This is a tough one. Affleck was doing so well until the SAG awards, when Denzel beat him, and everything changed. Both performances are good and I would happily see either win. Though, I can see the academy anointing another Affleck into its ranks.
  21. 1.
    Best Picture - La La Land
    Yeah. It'll probably happen. I won't be too upset about because I do like La La Land a lot. That being said, if Moonlight came in and took it I'd be overjoyed. La La Land is bound to win a lot on the night and it'll be able to boast about those wins until the cows come home. Yet, Moonlight truly is an exceptional film and I would quite like to see it win.