1. "Road to Perdition"-This movie is dark, yes. And violent. But...at it's core is the single biggest issue father's secretly struggle with: the fear that their children will grow up and be like them. The sin's of the father passed down. Love this movie.
  2. "Shawshank Redemption"-This movie is about hope. Plain and simply le. And it's a microcosm for our lives as a whole. We make the best of the world we are given, regardless of whether we deserve what it gives us or not, and let the Hope of something beyond the prison walks keep us going.
  3. "Amadeus"-This movie is a warning. A warning against selfish ambition, comparing your gifts with the gifts of others, and ultimately letting "dreams", "desires", and "goals" blind you from what matters and make you into a monster more than the man/woman you hope to be.
  4. "Glory"-I mean...the camp fire scene before the big battle at the end is...is perfection.
  5. "Children of Men"-Just like the symbolism and the presence if a miracle to inspire a group of people to believe the impossible...is possible. Even if it cost them their lives.