Don't know if it's useful, but its up there.
  1. Art/Art History particularly in modern and contemporary genres
  2. Movies and if I haven't seen it. I've got time let me know. I've sat through 10 season of friends and even more years of cartoons, dramas, and documentaries, I got time for a new movie.
  3. Eggs. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I make them every which way.
  4. Frank Sinatra records, if you're a fan I will automatically follow you and ask you your favorite recording.
  5. I lived on both coasts in the USA and in the south, so I think that's something.
  6. I know how to not choose something on Netflix and just browse aimlessly.
  7. I can eat. I know a lot about it. And I'm not picky about it.
  8. Sneakers