I gave a girl a ride back to Vancouver for Thanksgiving break, and at certain points I don't think she had full confidence in my ability to get her there in one piece. To her credit, she was a very nice travel companion besides these questions. Hopefully she does not have The List App.
  1. (Before the trip has started) How long have you been driving?
    Seriously? I'm 21 so I think we should be good.
  2. So do you have the right tires for this snow?
    Nope. I'm really banking on it being melted by now. Let's cross our fingers.
  3. Does this car have rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive?
    What's the safest one? Let's just assume it's that one.
  4. How many times have you made this trip home?
    Like, 4 or 5? But I rely on Google Maps pretty heavily still.
  5. What's the speed limit here?
    Alright, Miss Passive Aggressive. I get it.