Jones Top 10 Apps in #kj7003

My Big 10
  1. 1) iMovie: Nuts and bolts video/edit app. Not terribly user friendly but I respect it as an efficient platform to edit.
  2. 2) YouTube: Great video resource. Place to post your work and get ideas from both new and old material.
  3. 3) Twitter: Where a lot of journalists/organizations hang out and also good for breaking news.
  4. 4) Vimeo: I park a version of my demo here and it's great for viewing docs and short films.
  5. 5) Weather Network: If you are outside a lot, especially to shoot, this is a necessity.
  6. 6) Facebook: Where most of my friends/connections are and most news organizations I follow have a strong presence.
  7. 7) Apple Maps: I'm new in HFX, and still building the mental map of the city. So I really need this to get around.
  8. 8) CIBC: Gear costs money. So does school. So does food. Best to make sure the well doesn't run dry.
  9. 9) Spark Video: Simple, efficient, user friendly way of creating text to use in video. Could go without the annoying music though.
  10. 10) iTunes: Need to hit a rhythm, especially during down time. iTunes is an instant escape.