I fucking love podcasts
  1. You Made It Weird with @peteholmes
    The podcast that made me love podcasts. I was on the fence until I listened to Petes interview with Cameron Esposito, and then became hooked. I listen to every episode regardless of how familiar I am with the interviewee's work. As for PH himself, I find myself relating a lot to his experience growing up super Christian and now trying to redefine yourself. Also, I do not find Pete's laugh annoying or fake. He's the greatest.
  2. WTF With Marc Maron
    We all listen to this! Marc is a model for how I want to eventually handle my own neuroses - acknowledge it, talk about it, but ultimately look past it. I'm more selective with this podcast - often I won't tune in for people I haven't heard of (mostly music people in this case). Regardless, always a worthwhile listen
  3. How Did This Get Made?
    I fucking ADORE all of the hosts so this is a must. I sometimes listen even if I haven't watched the movie because I know how accurately comedic the commentary is. I like that they don't revel too much in irony and admit that it's simply remarkable that we let these bad films happen. The breakdown of the last Twilight is probably my fave.
  4. Doug Loves Movies
    So do I. Although I'm super sad that no one ever wants to play the Leonard Maltin game in real life.
  5. Gilmore Guys @demi @kevintporter
    I used to half-watch Gilmore Girls when it was airing while I waited for Seinfeld to come on. My parents would always insult it/me if they saw it on TV "That's not a proper mother/daughter relationship". I truly committed to watching it this past year after it came on Netflix and I was hooked. The GG podcast has been a really fun way to channel that excitement as the guys take us through the series. WE LOVE YOU COME ON THE SHOW
  6. Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher
    I have legit learned SO MUCH from this show. Moshe's one of my favorite comedians so I was eager to jump on the train but he really knocks it out of the park with this show. The combination of comedians and experts really makes for an entertaining and informative experience. And I'm glad it only comes out once a month because it really gives me something to look forward to.