In honor of the 10th anniversary. A lot of these are just small moments, but I stand by them
  1. Start of Something New: mid-song Troy, who supposedly had never sung/performed before, takes off his jacket and starts busting some MOVES
    Also he's suspiciously good at harmonies. Which is to say he's been imagining playing Danny Zucko alone in his room for years.
  2. When Sharpay accosts Troy and Gabriella at the sign-up sheet, but then Gabriella gets her back with a mad salty "Nice penmanship"
    Tell me you didn't fall in love with Vanessa Hudgens in that moment
  3. The audition montage
    My sisters and I do that bit with the artsy hipsters all the time
  4. Ryan and Sharpay sequence where they spy on Troy/Gab rehearsing
    Also the fact that they have no problem playing love interests in spite of being twins
  5. Gabriella's love affair with the staircase during When There Was Me and You
  6. The tear in Troy's eye when he says "And now [Gabriella] won't talk to me. And I don't know why"
  7. Breaking Free
    It's perfect
  8. When Ryan thinks that he and Sharpay are being Punk'd and squeals "Maybe we'll get to meet Ashton!!"
    Remember when you would've been excited to meet Ashton
  9. Every single scene with Corbin Bleu
    What fucking charisma