How Listmas Ended My Secret Santa Curse

Thank you so much @jhope71 for the amazing gifts
  1. I joined Secret Santa very reluctantly because, fun fact about me...
  2. I have NEVER successfully participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange
    Actually. This is not to say that I don't fulfill my end of the bargain - I always provide a gift. I just never get one in return. This has happened multiple times throughout my life, always for different reasons and always disappointing.
  3. So when I got a package a couple weeks ago I was too scared to open it
    I made my sisters check it out. They didn't open any of the gifts but peeked at the card and confirmed that it was from my Secret Santa. Still I was too wary to take the plunge and I'm big on the "waiting until Christmas" thing, so I did.
  4. Fast forward to this morning when my entire family tries to pester me into opening the package first
    I refused. I wanted to keep it for last since it was basically the only gift I was receiving that was a surprise. Since our family opens gifts slowly throughout the day, this meant that I would not open it until after dinner/clean up.
  5. Finally finished. It's the only gift left under the tree besides the stuff @amyquispe and her fiancé accidentally left here.
    I go for it. The whole fam is watching...
  6. And it was AMAZING
  7. To start there was the lovely card
    In which Jamie introduced herself and explained that there would be four gifts each with a different purpose - something to wear, something to listen to, something to do, and something related to food.
  8. First, something to listen to
    Two fantastic mix-tapes, one of Christmas music (yeah I probably should've opened the package earlier, but I generally give myself Christmas music immunity until late January) and one of happy songs. There's a 1D song on one of the CDs. Jamie clearly gets me.
  9. Second, something to wear
    Super soft scarf and Christmas earrings (again, perhaps a sign I should've opened it earlier, but my sisters and I are always happy to add to our collection of holiday earrings). Dope and doper.
  10. Next, food-related
    Mostly. I've wanted a cup cozy since I've taken up my season of black tea drinking, and I dig the SC patch. I will find a great place to put it!
  11. Following this, the action was temporarily halted
    Because my cat realized there was a box just empty enough to crawl inside but just full enough to make him a nuisance
  12. But finally
    I came to my something to do, which was a BEAUTIFUL coloring book and set of markers. I have just recently decided I should get back to some form of art therapy, so this is just the push I needed.
  13. When I looked at all my gifts
    I just felt so incredibly blessed. I can't believe there's someone out there who would make such a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a stranger
  14. To conclude
    Thank you so much to @jhope71 and @ChrisK for ending my Secret Santa curse - you guys are the best