Things for me to remember/do in 2017

A memoir of my Caucasian life
  1. Don't dye your hair
  2. Eat healthier
    This will lead to better poops
  3. Drink more water
    Who cares if you keep peeing, your skin will thank you
  4. Work out more
    I'm not saying every day but let's try and be healthier
    You have a shopping problem jordan
  6. Not all friends are there to stay
  7. Be more positive
  8. focus on school
    You need to get good grades girl
  9. Try not to put heat on your hair every week
    Let's get them curls popping
  10. Minimalize your stuff
    Seriously jordan from clothes to dumb things in your room. You just gotta get rid of it
  11. Wear more lipstick to reach your true level of scammer
  12. Be more bold
  13. Make this year your bitch