Constant Worries I Have.

  1. Can I pull off overalls?
    It's not the most important question I have, but currently the most pressing.
  2. Will I survive an apocalypse?
    I'm about 98% sure I will, but it's that 2% or anytime I see a Walking Dead ad that I really question it all.
  3. Will there be an earthquake today?
    LA struggle.
  4. What happened to Amelia Earhart?
    It's a question that I'll never have an answer to and it bothers me everyday.
  5. How are we just floating in space?
    I mean I get it. I took a bunch of science classes, but when you realllllly think about it, it's weird. Take a minute and think. Weird right?
  6. Did I just text the wrong person?
    What if because I was talking about that person I accidentally sent it to them...
  7. Is that pain a major organ failing?
    Probably could be solved with a doctors visit but it's much better to just worry about it and do nothing right?