Based on how jealous I was of their lives.
  1. Passport to Paris
    I never understood why they were so upset about going to France to visit their grandpa. He lives in a giant mansion in Paris! Also at 10 years old I thought their dates being able to tell them apart was extremely romantic❤️
  2. Winning London
    Using this movie as a travel guide for my few months in London was a quality decision. Obviously I added alcohol and Nandos to my trip, but it was a good stepping stone.
  3. Our Lips are Sealed
    I wouldn't say it's my dream to be in the witness protection program, however, moving to Australia and dating Pete is.
  4. Holiday in the Sun
    Again why do they always complain about being sent on these amazing vacations? Can I please have a "day-date" with Griffen?
  5. When in Rome
    The Lizzie McGuire movie did it ten times better there's no denying that. Still jealous.
  6. It Takes Two
    I blame this movie and the Parent Trap for my unrealistic hope that one day I would run into someone who looked exactly like me and we would swap lives for awhile.
  7. Billboard Dad
    The fashion choices in this movie were enough to make any tween jealous.
  8. To Grandmother's House We Go
    Just a couple of kids on a journey to visit grandma without any parental supervision. Not to mention the Full House cameos that really brought it home.
  9. Getting There
    This was the start of my growing out of these movies phase. Still a new car and road trip for your sixteenth birthday was an amazingly unrealistic gift I would never receive.
  10. Switching Goals
    It's honestly shocking that their parents couldn't tell them apart. Bad reflection on them.
  11. New York Minute
    I'm going to be honest here. I don't think I've seen the full movie and it seems like a rough time for them. You're in New York City though so it couldn't have been all bad.