1. I don't get it.
  2. This isn't for me.
  3. I don't know what to watch. How does this even work?
  4. Maybe I'll try an episode of Orange Is The New Black.
  5. Holy shit.
  6. Maybe I'll watch another episode.
  7. Maybe I'll also have a glass of wine.
  8. Wait this is already over? I'll just watch another one so I can get into it.
  9. Wait this one is over already? Just one more.
  10. Another glass of wine.
  11. Another episode.
  12. Another two episodes.
  13. Prison looks fun.
  14. Maybe just one more and then I'll get an early night.
  15. Well I have to watch another one after that ending.
  16. I need a snack
  17. I should go to sleep but the next one automatically started while I was washing my face so I should watch it.
  18. Ok just two more.
  19. Fuck. The season is over.
  20. That was an epic night.