Highlights from John Inverdale's Wimbledon Commentary

Everyone loves John Inverdale and his insightful tennis commentary. Here are a few highlights from the Murray vs. Kyrgios match, and the S. Williams vs. Vesnina match.
  1. "Well if Vesnina knew she was facing an uphill battle, it's just got a little bit steeper..."
  2. "Is there a time violation for playing too quickly?"
  3. "He had a chance there... and he took it..."
  4. "There is going to be long rallies and short rallies..."
  5. "She went... mildly ballistic..."
  6. "Even the net is against Kyrgios..."
  7. "He's suddenly five foot six."
  8. "Well she's getting hot, but she's, yeah... It's the sun and it's the heat, but it's... it's... it's the emotion. It's life... It's the racket, it's the ball, but more than anything else, it's her opponent..."