Things John Inverdale Might Have Said If He Was Commentating On This Year's Gentlemen's Final

Everyone loves John Inverdale and his insightful tennis commentary. Here are a few examples of the pearls of wisdom he may have shared had he been commentating on the Raonic vs. Murray final.
  1. "Murray, and indeed Raonic, need to win at least three sets to win this match... And indeed, the championship..."
  2. "An exuberant performance from Murray... followed by an... exuberant fist pump, there..."
  3. "Extraordinary!"
  4. "And Murray challenges there... If he's right, do you think it might be a case of 'HawkEye the noo', Tim?"
  5. "Milos Raonic is standing there... awaiting a serve from Murray... hoping that he can get some returns in... and get onto the scoreboard..."
  6. "147 miles per hour on the Raonic serve there... impressive... impressive... but Murray has the answers to that! Answers, of course, in the form of returns of service... hitting the ball, back over the net..."
  7. "How important is it for the players to just ensure that they remain within the confines of the service box... when taking their second serves?"
  8. "Milos Raonic... a striking figure with boyish good looks... and we're into Tiebreak..."