Things That John Inverdale Might Say In Future Tennis Commentaries

Everyone loves John Inverdale and his insightful tennis commentary. Here are a few examples of the pearls of wisdom to expect in the future.
  1. "It's a game... of tennis... played by the most impeccable of... tennis players..."
  2. "She hit the net there like a sodding temptress..."
  3. "An exuberant fist pump from Serena... and you know that she means it."
  4. "It feels like every single blade of lawn here at SW19 is against Tsonga... And it's just got a heck of a lot tougher for him to play on a surface of just sheer, and utter hatred..."
  5. "Well... done!"
  6. "There will be first serves, and second serves, here at Roland Garros..."
  7. "Well 'Come on, Andy' roar the crowd... They've decided that Andy is more user friendly a name than 'Andrew'..."
  8. "I've just projected Heather Watson twenty years into the future, and she now owns a wine bar in SoHo... Absolutely delicious Chardonnay they do there, terrific."