Thoughts & Questions

  1. If God exists, then why do I have to go for an urgent brain scan?
  2. How many murderers have appeared on game shows that we HAVEN'T learned about?
  3. Which came first: the chicken or the egg? And was it free range?
  4. If Nick Ferrari stole Italian sports cars, you could say that Nick Ferrari nicks Ferraris.
  5. When Debut magazine publishes its last issue, will it be renamed Swansong magazine?
  6. We call the mail, the post, yet the most popular paper in the country is the Mail. Conversely, Americans call their post, the mail, and yet they read newspapers with Post in the title.
  7. Is there an alternate world in which horses bet on men running around racecourses? If so, what are the odds like?
  8. When I think about yawning, I yawn. When I think about itching, I itch. When I think about working, I panic.