New Emojis and Their Meanings

iOS 9.1 is here & with new emojis. Which is apparently the only important thing nowadays. Feel free to make a suggestion 🤗.
  1. 🤑
    I'm eating money because I'm high.
  2. 🌪
    The new tornado alert warning. All states 50 states and Puerto Rico have to use it before 2016.
  3. 🏋
    A new and shorter way of saying "I do cross fit".
  4. 🌯
    Always means "Chipotle". If there is now Chipotle close by, it will automatically mean "Taco Bell". Even though 🌮 this mean "Taco Bell".
  5. 🦄
    When you want to ride horses but your high.
  6. 🍿
    Means "Movie theater" only in a two way conversation. If used in a group chat, it means you farted.
  7. 🌫
    Your getting high.
  8. 🏌⛷
    Both mean "Rich douche" unless you actually went skiing/golfing.
  9. 🎟
    This will mean "movie theater" in group chat. If at the real theater use 🎫.