What are your thoughts? Please relist so everyone can share!
  1. When she says "Did he say Geneva?" After she just used her super hearing.
  2. Why doesn't she use a mask like the flash and arrow?
  3. Can supergirl get drunk?
  4. I hope this show last longer than @bjnovak in The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  5. How did Supergirl's hair look so good the day after?
  6. The boss (Cat) sounds like she is try to make a deal with a vine star
  7. Does Supergirl get her glasses from Warby Parker? @troy
  8. 30 min and no Fanduel commercials!
  9. Montage Time!
  10. Is she sowing everything herself?
  11. Again with "It's not an S"
  12. Kryptonite
  13. Plot twist?
  14. Immigration critique?
  15. Where's the Flash?
  16. Sister discussion
  17. Somethings were said. Let's see what happens...
  18. Mad about being called Supergirl
  19. It's true, those pants are cheap. Saw them at TJMaxx
  20. Explaining what is wrong about feminism
  21. Why didn't she just notice she was Supergirl?
  22. Supergirl flying!
  23. Supergirl fight!
  24. Now would be the perfect moment for "I get knocked down but I get up again"
  25. I guess even Supergirl can be a victim of depression.
  26. I am constantly waiting for Dean Cain to come out of nowhere in a Superman costume and help Supergirl.
  27. Sister forgiveness happen in here!
  28. So Laura Benanti is the female equivalent of Russell Crow?
  29. Stopping a truck with your shoulders and an epic explosions
  30. Uppercut
  31. Blue Lasers? AWESOME!
  32. He just killed himself?
  33. I guess Supergirl's sister is getting a promotion?
  34. He just mentioned The Super Friends
  35. Everyone knew that Jimmy knew
  36. Lead blanket or should I say Cape!
  37. Flying away around the city while narrating
  38. Who is this? What her mother?
  39. This is an epic plot twist
  40. The end
  41. Preview of the next episode