What would you buy with $5.9 BILLION?
  1. McDonalds
    And only let them serve Breakfast, chicken sandwiches, and nuggets.
  2. I see a lot of potential but I would only pay half.
  3. Time Travel Machine
  4. LucasFilm
    I would make a movie where Darth and Jar Jar fight to the death. Surprise, Jar Jar wins and disappoints everyone.
  5. I would only pay like $3-3.5 billion for it. Even if it was just for part of the company.
  6. Some small island
    And act like if I was in Castaway.
  7. Puerto Rico
    I already live here, why not make it the next Disneyland?
  8. Almost buy the "$6 Billion dollar man?"
    At least be the majority shareholder?