1. Beat Bugs countdown on Netflix at 8pm
    Family time, in general, and well spent.
  2. Buying books with gift cards
    TV: The Book; The Food Lab: Better home cooking through science; Lincoln in the Bardo.
  3. Prince covers
  4. Considering re-reading The Name of the Rose
    Then realizing I just ordered two books for the "To Read" pile, and thinking about just watching the so-so film instead. Deciding against that, and taking a look at the bookshelf, I counted two essay collections and three novels of varying sizes by Eco that I could read instead. However Sherlock S4 starts Sunday, and, well wouldn't that be a nice peg to jump right into it all? Can I get our daughter to bed before Masterpiece Mysteries?
  5. David Bowie covers
  6. My President Was Black
  7. Sinus infection
  8. Snuffing out romanticism
  9. Leonard Cohen
  10. Fluids