I've worn glasses since middle school and have I think two different pairs of frames. The frames I have now are really nice but I've worn them into the ground, super scratched up and worn around the ears.
  1. Deciding whether to get more of the same or branch out.
    I could keep the same style of frames because I do like them but I also want to shake things up
  2. Finding where to get them
    I've tried Warby Parker but tbh the selection of diverse frames are limited. And where I live there aren't too many places to look.
  3. Committing
    When I get my glasses I will keep them for a long time, and the styles I like vary and could vary in a couple months. Commitment is scary, but that's another list🙈
  4. Contacts
    Glasses are so much easier than contacts, my brother has them and they're fine for him though. When I poll friends in family of I should go glasses or contacts (taking glasses off and then putting them on *repeated) everyone says glasses. To the point where one friend said "yeah you're definitely a glasses guy, look weird without them". That could mean two things: your God given face is awful or everyone's just used to the glasses.