Inspired by @corey
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    The Starters "Drop" podcast
    The Starters (formerly The Basketball Jones) have a daily TV Show on the NBA Network (episodes also air on YouTube which is where I watch them) and they are a true inspiration to anyone who wants to make a dream happen and get it done. And from the basketball side of things you have 4 guys who give they're varying insights and it's genuinely fun to listen to. The Drop podcast is my favorite of any pods that I listen to, great fun basketball discussion. Shoutout to Jostens.
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    The Vertical Podcast w/ JJ REDICK
    The fact that this exists is pretty crazy. A current and relevant NBA player has a podcast that he does during the season. That in itself is incredible to wrap your mind around, knowing he can put up 20 on Thursday and drop an interview with Jamal Crawford on Friday. The insight is fantastic and so are the guest. A must listen for NBA fans.
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    Dunc'd on Basketball Podcast
    Great insight into relevant topics. Posts a lot so if you watched a game last night or a trade happened two days ago you can talk about it soon after. The host Nate Duncan understands the finances/logistics of the NBA and is able to relay that knowledge to the listener.
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    The Lowe Post
    Zach Lowe is probably one of the most engaging NBA writers today, and the The Lowe Post (aside from being a a great wordplay pun title thing to his name) is a really nice interview podcast with rotating guest each episode. You like Zach Lowe and he always has great questions. The only problem for me is if I'm not digging the guest I won't dig that episode.
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    The Ringer NBA Show
    This is a branch from Bill Simmons so if you know who he is you either love him or hate him, I'm on the love him side. The reason it's at the bottom is because I've just started listening to it but it seems like it will be a nice addition to the basketball rotation podcast.
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    BONUS SHOUTOUT: Your favorite team!
    Most teams have independent podcasts so do quick search for your team. I think sports nation produces one for each team or the organization themselves promote one and sometimes some fans will make one which can be dope!