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  1. House Of Cards
    Perfect for a political hunky who lives with someone who likes soap operas and hates politics. I've tried to figure out Who Frank Underwood is inspired by. His rise to power mimics Gerald Ford, but that's where the similarities end. The best conclusion I can make is Frank Underwood is what Kevin Spacey would be like if he chose politics that concept sounds frightening, but no screwier than our current Political Reality
  2. Dexter
    Some people complained that some seasons dragged. I didn't find that to be true because I hadn't watched the first episode until the series completed. I damn near needed therapy after Deborah's Death (BTW SPOILER ALERT) The Series Finale didn't make much sense while still making all the sense in the world. The Finale left a door open for a movie which seems highly unlikely.
  3. Gotham
    Another Batman origin story? Doesn't Hollywood make it a point to murder Thomas and Martha Wayne at the beginning of every Batman movie/show since the 80's? And how is this different from Smallville? Well first Clark Kent lived in Smallville and even though Gotham is Batman's hometown there's not a lot of focus on Bruce Wayne. Which doesn't bother me at all the character kind of annoys me.The Show focuses more on the cesspool of evil that is Gotham and Jim Gordon's struggles with his own demons.
  4. The Walking Dead
    Yes, I have been living under a rock for the last 7 years. I've just started watching but a few weeks ago, I'm officially hooked. However, my hope is that if there were to be a Zombie Apocalypse that the remaining uninfected would drop the pettiness, pride and traditional nonsense that these characters seem to have an impossible time letting go of. I love the show but I got to admit there are some characters on that show whose deaths will bring me a sense of relief and possibly joy.
I was a dumb Ass Kid
  1. 1.
    Pretzels were made from wood
    The texture had Mr convinced I already knew by then cooked bread was toast and pretzels weren't toast. So in my Head they were just a tasty sort of tree carvings.
  2. 2.
    I was foolishly tricked into believing Photomax and other outdoor film kiosks Were folded to the size of a briefcase that the store owner brought home daily.
    That may sound stupid enough that I should at least Consider a helmet (for general safety) What's actually worse was when I realized I had been duped I decided to share the lie with my little sister who not only believed it well into her 20's but would talk to others as if it were common knowledge. It's clearly different for girls. I'm ugly people immediately let me know when and how horribly misinformed I am.
  3. 3.
    I Thought Hulk Hogan Was Mostly Bald
    I think I was right about that one
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I'm posting this Kinda late. I apologize I'm recovering from a bad ass political hangover
    But it is, and I know it is. It has all the makings of a bad dream, yet this is reality.
  2. God Damn You Nate Silver
    You got the quick obvious decisive victory part right, You just got the. colors wrong! I watched that entire debacle last night waiting for that dramatic turning moment based on the predictions posted by 538.com
  3. Maybe it's time to consider Plan C
    Canada, Sure it's chilly, but Santa Lives there
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I have an almost infinite film and television Library/Gallery. When this couch potato is Fully baked he demands entertainment (sometimes that means porn) but here are some family friendly titles of the films that have been distracted while insomnia has it's way with me. They're not in any particular order, they're Li.sted in the order I remember.
  1. Citizen Kane
    A classic film about a narcissistic, demagogue, who not only desires to rule the world but feels downright entitled. SPOILER ALERT:2 Weeks before election day his campaign his perfectly crafted world crumble before his eyes. Oh yeah, the big mystery of Rosebud was given away within the first 10 minutes of the movie, but it's still a great watch, especially in times like these. When I watched it though I couldn't fight the thought that the cold war never truly ended, we just renamed the enemy.
  2. Sausage Party
    First off Funny AF! You almost think you're watching a Disney movie, that is until the dialogue kicks in. This film is not for the easily offended. But if you enjoy relentless (and I mean relentless) crude humor delivered at rapid fire. Then this movie is for you.
  3. Argo
    I heard a lot of great things about this movie but only saw it recently. I'm on the bandwagon! That involves a historical moment, a plan that sounds so crazy... it has to work! And it did Also this film has an ensemble cast of great actors who's chemistry is a thing of beauty.
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  1. The definition of the term Gypsy
    I at least can admit ignorance toward a situation. So one day I'm watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding or Gypsy Sisters the actual show isn't important to the story. Anyway, as I'm watching it dawned on me that what I thought a Gypsy was/is or these people aren't real Gypsies. My conclusion: If@my original assumption is indeed wrong... So is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Merriam Webster etc. Because not one description said obese white people with an atrocious sense of entitlement. And Racist AF!
  2. Michelle Obama
    AKA Future President of the United States. Maybe I'm mildly obsessed, but she deserves every word my limited Vocabulary can conjure up. When she speaks, I listen. She's captivating, smart, and REAL! In fact, I doubted with every Fibre of my being that Barack Obama had no chance before I heard Michelle Obama deliver the "I'm Tired" speech at a Florida rally back in 2007. After that I still thought Barack Obama had a Slurpee's chance in hell at being the next President. Luckily enough, I was wrong
  3. My Voter Registration
    I guess that's definitely the one good thing I can say about Donald Trump. I never gave a flying F*** about voting, I even doubted that my vote meant a Damn. This time around... I don't want eat to wake up one day to find out that President Trump just bombed Wisconsin because he finds it unacceptable that some Cheese needs to age.
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  1. Citizen Kane
  2. Seeing Donald Trump in the news constantly reminds me of this movie to the point I'm surprised I've waited this long. Watching Trump as of current, sometimes I wonder if we're a couple weeks from learning the name of his childhood sled.
  3. The Manchurian Candidate
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And how impatient I'm growing for the next episode. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
  1. House Of Cards 2 1/2 weeks
    What will Claire and Frank Underwood do next? Scratch that. What won't they do next. Pushing Chloe in front of a passing train was as far as they could take things but this show constantly proves me wrong.
  2. Making a Murderer 3 days
    They got away with it again. Currently Steven Avery is in the process of appeals. This show exposes such a travesty of Justice that when I watch, I beg that it's a complete machination of Hollywood creativity that it's fooled the Mainstream and Journalists media.
  3. Gotham 19 days and counting
    The Story that's. Been told a million times now has another origin story. Is this just an ultra-violent Smallville? Yes, and what's the problem with that. It's really Batman Begins, Begins. It's got it all Realistic Mafia show which we'll completely accept when the plot completely deviates. It's supposed to by design. The kid who plays Bruce Wayne is a bit whiny, but then again can you remember one that wasn't?
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  1. When I was little I was convinced pretzels were made out of wood (still ate them though)
  2. This the very first LI.St request I've ever been sent
  3. In a bar one night and a complete stranger handed me a book on how to harness the Superpowers that I apparently have always possessed. Eventhough I was inebriated I read that whole book in one sitting. By the time I came to I couldn't find that book for the life of me. Even worse now I had all these super powers and had no control over them.
    But believe it or not I was walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free.
  4. When I was a child I would record every Game Show/Soap opera Mom loved on those 6 or sometimes 8 hour VCR cassettes and give them to her as gifts for Birthday/Mother's Day etc. Ironically enough the functions of the VCR baffled to no avail. They're damn near obsolete and she stubbornly has never learned how to use it. I assisted her
    In my mind I believe i created the 24hour soap/Game Show Networks
it's been sometime since I've posted anything I've been mentally blocked and Preoccupied so this is what I got
  1. Um
  2. Something
  3. Foreshadowing for a joke two bullet points down
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Here I go Showing my real age
  1. Days Of Our Lives
    Like Sands through an hour glass, and so are The Days of Our Lives
  2. Another World
    It was on directly after "Days"
  3. Eyewitness News
    With Roz Abrhams and Ernie Anastous. How many people are old enough to remember them being a team?
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