5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

popping my Li.st cherry
  1. A sink full of dirty dishes left behind for me. Not the food just the dishes were left behind. I texted this photo with quite the scathing message attached in order to pick a fight #memories
  2. My nephew Evan and I at his acoustic gig the night before he went on the road with his band Eternity Fallen. Check out their video for Burn it To the Ground on YouTube #ShamelessPlug
  3. Riley is not supposed to be on the couch but since he's a Punk, I constantly find him there
  4. Keira sleeping with her head on a chair and feet on the floor... For hours
  5. Nut Like U was read on a license plate a car ahead of me one night. It utterly confused me. Are you calling me nuts? Are you identifying with how I ejaculate? How would you know these things, and more importantly... Why would you share it with the world before even consulting me? Rude!