Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. The definition of the term Gypsy
    I at least can admit ignorance toward a situation. So one day I'm watching My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding or Gypsy Sisters the actual show isn't important to the story. Anyway, as I'm watching it dawned on me that what I thought a Gypsy was/is or these people aren't real Gypsies. My conclusion: If@my original assumption is indeed wrong... So is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Merriam Webster etc. Because not one description said obese white people with an atrocious sense of entitlement. And Racist AF!
  2. Michelle Obama
    AKA Future President of the United States. Maybe I'm mildly obsessed, but she deserves every word my limited Vocabulary can conjure up. When she speaks, I listen. She's captivating, smart, and REAL! In fact, I doubted with every Fibre of my being that Barack Obama had no chance before I heard Michelle Obama deliver the "I'm Tired" speech at a Florida rally back in 2007. After that I still thought Barack Obama had a Slurpee's chance in hell at being the next President. Luckily enough, I was wrong
  3. My Voter Registration
    I guess that's definitely the one good thing I can say about Donald Trump. I never gave a flying F*** about voting, I even doubted that my vote meant a Damn. This time around... I don't want eat to wake up one day to find out that President Trump just bombed Wisconsin because he finds it unacceptable that some Cheese needs to age.
  4. Samantha R.I.P.
    Samantha is was is my twin sister. Unfortunately, she lost her battle to addiction. I enlarged this picture from her Facebook page for her services. This picture in no way represents what she looked like in her last days, it is however, who I remember her to be. When we were little, I was this Shy, Stuttering, Ginger, Freckled Faced Social Fucktard. But I had Sammy Who wasn't shy Didn't stutter and refused to hesitate if an ass needed to be whooped. She is why I'm confident today.
  5. Samantha and my 21st birthday
    This one is from my instagram page. For the same purpose. It's insane to see myself so young. But once upon a time I was, I can prove it, I have pictures. I hated taking pictures. If there were no Sammy, there'd be no pictures of me. All of my yearbook photos would be stick figure drawings.
  6. The Deplorables
    I got this off of Donald Trump JR.s instagram. Mainly because I wanted a copy before he learned the connotations connected to Pepe the Frog, The definition of the word Deplorable etc. and took it down. Sorry, this picture must live forever
  7. Janet Jackson Black Cat Single Cover
    Once upon a Twitter Trending topic ago #HowISurvivedPuberty I posted this with no explanation. I guess I'm only allowed to refer to her as Ms. Jackson because that's nasty!