Shows I've binged watched and how long it took me to consume them entirely

And how impatient I'm growing for the next episode. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
  1. House Of Cards 2 1/2 weeks
    What will Claire and Frank Underwood do next? Scratch that. What won't they do next. Pushing Chloe in front of a passing train was as far as they could take things but this show constantly proves me wrong.
  2. Making a Murderer 3 days
    They got away with it again. Currently Steven Avery is in the process of appeals. This show exposes such a travesty of Justice that when I watch, I beg that it's a complete machination of Hollywood creativity that it's fooled the Mainstream and Journalists media.
  3. Gotham 19 days and counting
    The Story that's. Been told a million times now has another origin story. Is this just an ultra-violent Smallville? Yes, and what's the problem with that. It's really Batman Begins, Begins. It's got it all Realistic Mafia show which we'll completely accept when the plot completely deviates. It's supposed to by design. The kid who plays Bruce Wayne is a bit whiny, but then again can you remember one that wasn't?
  4. MR. ROBOT 13 Weeks
    I caught on to this show when Season 2 had already started. Or was I just imagining that I did? No I did! Because I just got duped by Season 1 While Season 2 was setting me up for the complete mindF@©K that was Season 2. My conclusion don't try and guess what the next plot twist for two reasons 1: You Won't 2: You'll end up nuttier than the main character.
  5. Luke Cage Day 1 Episode 3
    Crime ridden streets Are a massive problem for any community. That is unless those crime ridden streets had a reluctant X-man who's mutation happen to be invincibility. 70' Funk soundtrack, and Dramatic AF! a must see in my book. Or