Things I thought while watching this election unfold

I'm posting this Kinda late. I apologize I'm recovering from a bad ass political hangover
    But it is, and I know it is. It has all the makings of a bad dream, yet this is reality.
  2. God Damn You Nate Silver
    You got the quick obvious decisive victory part right, You just got the. colors wrong! I watched that entire debacle last night waiting for that dramatic turning moment based on the predictions posted by
  3. Maybe it's time to consider Plan C
    Canada, Sure it's chilly, but Santa Lives there
  4. Arrrrrrrrgh!
    You know what cruel hand of fate, You're probably right I should stick it out for the long haul or until President Trump tosses me in Gitmo with the other #BadHombres
  5. Meh maybe it won't be so bad
    I mean I've been wrong about this guy leading up until now. Maybe he'll usher in a new era of positive and significant change
  6. What about the Deplorables?
    They've got what they've always wished for. Now what. It's like Batman Killing the Joker or Wilie Coyote finally caught the Roadrunner, sure it's victory today.But what will you do tomorrow. Plus, what's Acmes return policy?And Trump doesn't build that wall, ban all Muslim's, doesn't deport11,000,000 illegal immigrants, or simply "Lock Her Up" I assume they'll be the earliest and most disappointed is all of Trumps supporters.
  7. The 2018 Midterms can't be that far away
    This isn't the end friends. Things look hopeless now But were not done in for. If he is the Devil incarnate, there are things we can do besides the legalization of recreational marijuana use (not complaining) but start chipping away at the seats of th representative who chooses his opinion rather than the collective will of th people
  8. We're Fuct