Unpopular Musical Opinions

An insight to entertainment preferences that are not commonly agreed with and can easily start a problem on Twitter.
  1. The Sex Pistols:
    Completely Overrated! How they are considered the Pioneers of Punk Rock baffles me to no end. They weren't even the first.
  2. Tom Waits
    I won't go so far as to call him overrated, the guy is responsible for some of the greatest songs of all time. Why would I consider this an unpopular opinion? It sounds like I'm praising him, Right? True, until I point out that TOM WAITS CANT SING FOR SHIT! You know how people mock Bob Dylan for his horrible voice and seemingly disregard for Rhythm, Key and Tempo? We'll just imagine all of that with Cookie Monsters Voice.
  3. Bob Dylan
    Bob Dylan Can't sing for shit! Granted that's kind of the common consensus, so maybe I'm doing li.st wrong right now. Bob Dylan is a great songwriter, but he can't sing for shit.
  4. John Cena : You Can't See Me
    Underrated! That's right I said underrated! But John Cena isn't really a rapper and that album was supposed to represent a gimmick that never saw the light of day. I agree on both points imaginary dissenting opinion that lives in my head. However, that's why I credit this album more. 1. It was a gimmick @WWE built up and just said... Nah (they do that a lot) 2. John Cena isn't a rapper, but that albums got some bangers. Listen to Bad Man & if you ain't bouncing to it? Your soul is suspect to me.
  5. The Beatles
    WARNING: This will certainly piss someone off The Beatles were so much better on drugs. In fact outside of "And I love her" every Beatles song recorded before the "Revolver" album is indecipherable and interchangeable.
  6. Michael Jackson
    Not really a "musical" based opinion it's more social commentary. When Michael Jackson died the worlds collective heart broke. What was crazy was that since then if you dare make an off color comment (someone may even give me shit for 'off color') you were called a hateful prick, and how could you dare, a person died show some compassion. If he ever comes back we'll probably go right back to making fun of his ever changing skin color his nose job & accuse him of pedophilia, but please no jokes.
  7. Tech N9ne
    Best rapper of all time! They call him Devil boy. I call him the lead technician of the World Wide Choppers. He's been dropping albums, collaborations, experimental projects, tryna get every rapper he knows a deal. He's worked with almost every name in the industry ie; Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube etc but for the most part he's virtually unknown. Music, Flow, concept the guy is the full package esp.for someone who owns the poly syllabic compound rhyme scheme, he finds a way to keep it fresh. Tech N9ne
  8. Talent Shows
    We all know that unless you're Kelly Clarkson you're more likely to succeed in the music industry if you lose on American Idol or the Voice (is there still a voice?) Why do we still take our pop culture cues from these shows? They have proven ineffective. Unless you're Kelly Clarkson. Nicki Minaj? She got famous for having a huge ass and the only song title of hers I know of: Stupid Hoe Mariah Carey? Once a great. But not in a long time. What's Rueben Studdard and Taylor Hicks been up to?
  9. The Guns and Roses Reunion
    Imma person who wanted this badly and now it looks like its gonna happen. Unfortunately Scott Weiland met an untimely demise putting an end to Velvet Revolver. It seemed inevitable that GNR would be on the road soon I was so thrilled I came a little bit. Then I saw a video of Axl Rose "performing" Welcome to the Jungle from only a few years back. The few minutes I endured murdered a significant portion of my childhood. If this GNR reunion happens, I may just stay home.