there are currently over 12 thousand photos on my phone...
  1. i saw this girl in soho with a paul frank backpack...remember "paul frank is your friend"? - i always liked his brand messaging, management, and navigation.
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  2. i found this jesse peretz directors reel...he was in one of my favorite bands, called the lemonheads, and now he works on big tv shows and movies - i don't know him, but i would like to meet him and tell him that his whole path to success seems real cool to me.
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  3. this is a picture i took of a wall in bed stuy...on the wall is jay-z, biggie, nelson mandela, and oprah - i have a serious love for oprah, serious love.
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  4. justin from VA has a dog named natas &this tattoo is a dedication - anyone who likes natas is a bro to me because that is my favorite skater of all time...when i was 12 i saved up money & bought my 1st board, which consisted of a santa monica airlines natas deck, slimeball wheels, & gullwing trucks (the 1st board i was given at 6 was a free former)
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  5. suenos is my favorite spanish word, probably in my top 5 favorite words in any language - i went to costa rica one time and heard it said in a radio commercial, then proceeded to say it for days on repeat...when i finally looked it up i found out that suenos means "dreams" so now when i like something i say that it is suenos.
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