like who really wants to know the random things that go on...I gave up control a long time ago
  1. Who really wants pubes, like who is down with pubes and what makes someone like them or want them? (not judging, just wondering about that logic)
  2. Is there a place to get Gatorade in glass bottles like they had it in the 90's? (that shit was tite)
  3. What's the deal with girls who get dressed up to go see you can tell they put on a look and like, even when they are married or if they are going to see morrissey, they still get dressed up, like there is no chance they are being a groupie, just dressing up to see music be performed? (again, not judging, just interested in the logic)
  4. What do radio personalities like cheesy morning show dudes and sexy quiet storm chicks do when they retire? Do they go on to be station managers or do books on tape kinda things?
  5. Who designs camouflage? It's a real art, am i right?
  6. I get autographs...I mean I understand the captured moment-memory on a ball or in a book...but a purchased autograph? I have one, my brother bought me a signed Canseco ball as a gift and I legit cried when he gave it to me...but why? Why was it so special to me?
  7. Why does everyone love Dave Matthews and Ryan Adams and Ed Sheeran but then give John Mayer gruff...I mean all these dudes make chill vibes music that is in a chill talented acoustic jamms category of my iTunes but why do people bug on Mayer? He seems pretty laid back...i'm shopping for a John Mayer t-shirt on e-bay, gonna start a love campaign