The ending to How I Met Your Mother is something that'll bother me forever, and this list is what I would've done differently.
  1. Don't kill the mother. She is important to the series, don't kill her off.
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  2. Redo the Barney love child situation. Two possibilities. Option One: He has the baby with a former girlfriend (Quinn or better yet Nora) Option Two: The child he has with the random woman is what brings Barney and Robin back together. She can be a mother, and he's now the responsible guy she needed.
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  3. Don't kill the mother (Part 2) Just don't do it.
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  4. One more song/dance number. I don't want to be selfish, but viewers deserved it. Something about the series' growth, and Tracy is involved somehow.
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  5. Alternate ending. Instead of Ted taking the Blue French horn to Robin, have a porch scene. An older Ted/Tracy, Marshall/Lily, and Barney/Robin(brought together by random Barney's child) sitting on a porch playing bridge, and talking about the journey there.
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