I work with kids, so I'm not just randomly showing up somewhere with a lot of kids.
  1. A kid threw up right in front of me
  2. A kid punched me in the gut
    He was strong for a 6 year old, and I'm very weak for a 20 year old.
  3. I read a book to the kids about a kid who stole lunches from children.
    The child wasn't in trouble because he was poor #LifeLesson
  4. I was yelled at by a little girl for putting a plastic slice of pizza away.
  5. Was told to "chill out" about 5 times.
    I was more than chill though.
  6. Was being shadowed by a student telling me that I was Darth Vader, and he was a clone trooper.
    Vader had Storm troopers though, so I apologize for his inaccuracy.