Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy

  1. My friend and wife
    We have been married for 14 years. I loved and continue to love her enthusiasm for life. She works non stop to make her kids life better then her own childhood. One of her greatest qualities is the delight she takes in the small things our kids do.
  2. Hudson (my son) running cross-country
    This is Hudson's first year running Cross-County. He has moved from last among 14 boys up to eighth place. His progress has earned him a spot on the team going to the Jr. Olympics.
  3. The artist and thinker Hayden
    Hayden is the opposite of his older brother. He is thoughtful, emotional and artistic. He has a lot going on inside his heart and mind.
  4. My little princess Hanale
    Hanale was born in Kauai and named after the famous North Shore bay. She is such a joy.