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  1. Playing it cool with a hottie
  2. Calling it like it is
  3. Handling the sitch'
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After going out with my coworkers and being the only one to bothered to drink water throughout the night I got to soak in the different types of drunk they are
  1. Intense
    Locked in on going back to the house and ordering food, RIGHT NOW.
  2. Crazy happy
    So excited, but also wanting to talk about how much she misses her cat, by far the most funny.
  3. Intern
    I fully believe there's a specific type of drunk only interns possess. It's a combination of trying to be seen as super cool with your team and not being able to hide the fact that's you're ridiculously drunk in front of the CFO of the company.
  4. The mom
    That's me. Kept hydrated and had a snack mid night so I made sure everyone got home in one piece.
I've got that strange place in my 20s where I'm finally in a good groove with work and have a little free time, and now realize I have almost no friends and no hobbies from spending 2 years working crazy hours. WHAT TO DO. Gladly accepting suggestions
  1. Running?
    In the last year I've started running and really enjoy it. Unfortunately none of the friends I do have have any desire to run (or live anywhere near me or my work). I've been thinking of signing up for a 5k but I feel like it will be hard to introduce myself to new people while trying to focus on not dying
  2. Yoga?
    I keep trying to make it out to the yoga classes at our work gym, but keep missing them because of work. Also terrified I'll look like a total idiot.
  3. Art classes?
    I was a fine arts major in college but have done very little art on my own these last few years. I just have this feeling that art classes in my area will be severely lacking in anyone remotely my age.
  4. Suggest something!
    I'm open to anything!
Mostly Disney kids because that was my whole life as a child.
  1. Shia LeBeouf
    Louis Stevens. Adorable, funny, and we all totally crushed on him. While I do enjoy yelling JUST DO IT its still so disappointing how weird he got.
  2. Amanda Bynes
    By far upsets me the most. From All That to The Amanda Show to She's The Man, I adored this girl more than anything and then she broke my heart. Get better Amanda!
  3. Lindsay Lohan
    Who can get over how adorable she was? Seriously, so cute.
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I take a lot of pictures of my dogs,and it seems to double when my husband is away. Here are some from just this week
  1. What do I wear
    Cool but not too cool, right?
  2. Okay, maybe I'm just a little nervous.
  3. I can do this right?
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Today is my last day working retail, and Monday I start my new job at the Home Office, so in celebration, here's some things I'm excited about...
  1. Not being yelled at by people all day long
    Retail is extra hard on us introverts. Maybe now I can actually enjoy holidays again too.
  2. Not having to ask to have off on a weekend 3 months in advance
    Because God know my family enjoys planning parties 2 days in advance and being surprised when I can't make it.
  3. A set schedule
    While I will miss being able to do my shopping in peace on a random weekday morning, I'll take it in exchange for actually being able to plan my life out more than a week in advance
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Inspired by @brightlyanna - even though I've been on here a little while now, I thought it would be fun to share a little bit more about me
  1. Hi there 👋🏽
  2. I'm Josie (although, technically my legal name is Michelle, and those who have known me my whole life still go with that)
    Please don't ask why, it's not an interesting story
  3. This is me eating a Mickey pop in Disney world
    Basically the happiest you'll ever see me
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It's my two year anniversary, and Saturday is my last day with the brand, so I thought it'd be fun to share some of the crazy things I've learned over the last two years!
  1. If you're on the inside, you just say Freeps
    Obvi that's super important to learn
  2. Home office will change their mind on major things every week
  3. Eventually we will all come to love the ridiculous trends that they put out there
    Except skinny scarves. Never skinny scarves
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