Allow me to introduce myself

Inspired by @brightlyanna - even though I've been on here a little while now, I thought it would be fun to share a little bit more about me
  1. Hi there 👋🏽
  2. I'm Josie (although, technically my legal name is Michelle, and those who have known me my whole life still go with that)
    Please don't ask why, it's not an interesting story
  3. This is me eating a Mickey pop in Disney world
    Basically the happiest you'll ever see me
  4. I'm married to this stud
    He's super smart, fixes everything, and plays a lot of pickleball (bonus points if you know what pickleball is 🙌🏽)
  5. These are our pups, Weston and Dutch
    Adopted, mutty, and intensely needy.
  6. We live in South Jersey, but I work and we spend almost all our time in Philly
  7. What I do
    I am transitioning this week from working in a Free People store to my new job doing social media for a newer URBN brand. I am super excited and nervous, to say the least!
  8. We are (very) slowly renovating our 1930s tudor
    Literally DIYing our life away.
  9. Things I like
    Reading, running, riding horses, long walks (both on the beach and, well, pretty much anywhere), comfort food of all types.
  10. Things I don't like
    Rude people, seafood, busy stores.
  11. Let's be friends!