Today is my last day working retail, and Monday I start my new job at the Home Office, so in celebration, here's some things I'm excited about...
  1. Not being yelled at by people all day long
    Retail is extra hard on us introverts. Maybe now I can actually enjoy holidays again too.
  2. Not having to ask to have off on a weekend 3 months in advance
    Because God know my family enjoys planning parties 2 days in advance and being surprised when I can't make it.
  3. A set schedule
    While I will miss being able to do my shopping in peace on a random weekday morning, I'll take it in exchange for actually being able to plan my life out more than a week in advance
  4. Free gym access
    I've been wanting to join a gym for a while and just couldn't fork the money out for it. Having a free gym one building down means this girl is about to get into shape 💪🏼
  5. Me softee on tuesdays
    Oh yes. Mr Softee visits the navy yard every Tuesday during the summer. But it's okay, since I'll be going to the gym now, right??
  6. Bringing my pups to work
    Dutch has come with me occasionally to the store, but it's always stressful for her since there's so many things going on and I'm not with her the whole time. Now she can plop herself right next to my desk all day long, plus she'll have tons a friends to make!
  7. Learning new skills
    While a lot of what I'll be doing are things I've already been doing, I know there's a ton of new stuff I'll get to do, and I love learning new things!
  8. Not feeling guilty for taking my vacation days
    No more feeling bad because my vacation ruins the store's payroll, or that someone else has to work one of my crappy shifts because I'm trying to regain my sanity. Pretty sweet.
  9. Building my resume
    So adult of me, but seriously, this is an amazing opportunity and I know it'll be fantastic for me long term too.
  10. Everything!
    Seriously, everything everything everything. I know it's still a job and parts of it will be annoying, and I probably will work extra long hours for a while, but I feel like I can truly appreciate it with everything I've done to this point!