I've got that strange place in my 20s where I'm finally in a good groove with work and have a little free time, and now realize I have almost no friends and no hobbies from spending 2 years working crazy hours. WHAT TO DO. Gladly accepting suggestions
  1. Running?
    In the last year I've started running and really enjoy it. Unfortunately none of the friends I do have have any desire to run (or live anywhere near me or my work). I've been thinking of signing up for a 5k but I feel like it will be hard to introduce myself to new people while trying to focus on not dying
  2. Yoga?
    I keep trying to make it out to the yoga classes at our work gym, but keep missing them because of work. Also terrified I'll look like a total idiot.
  3. Art classes?
    I was a fine arts major in college but have done very little art on my own these last few years. I just have this feeling that art classes in my area will be severely lacking in anyone remotely my age.
  4. Suggest something!
    I'm open to anything!