Me and my sister got to talking last night about how lucky I am I got married younger, because I'd probably never have gotten married (or even had any relationships as an adult) otherwise.
  1. I'm terrible at flirting
    Like, the worst. Does waving count? I'm quite a sensual waver.
  2. I have zero desire to be in a club at any time
    Too many people, too little food
  3. I have permanent bitch face
    I even scare off my husband sometimes, so I highly doubt some guy I don't know would wanna hit on me after I death stare him
  4. When I get drunk I just get sleepy
    Stop talking to me, I'm going to go nap
  5. I'm terrible at talking
    Thankfully my husband is the only one who understands what I'm trying to say when I say complete gobblyty gook
  6. Did I mention I'm terrible at flirting?
  7. I dress like a five year old
    Last time I asked my husband if he liked what I was wearing he said "I really don't understand anything you wear, but you look pretty anyway" awwwwwwe
  8. I'm terrible with emotions
  9. In the end is rather just be reading then meeting new people