I miss them so much
  1. Dillion
    He's my friend, and an incredible designer
  2. Bob
    He moved for work with his boyfriend, I miss talking to him. We haven't talked since he left
  3. Lulu
    My cousin, she lives in California and she's busy with her life now. She's the only one of my cousins that talks to me about guys cause she knows. (In still not out to my family)
  4. Phil
    He's this guy that I fell in love with. It was fun, I liked being him so much, we stopped seeing each other because he said he didn't want to hold me back and told me he told me he didn't feel the same. I don't know what we are now but I don't like not seeing him.
  5. Sarah
    I see her still and we still talk but it's weird not seeing her everyday. We used to work and live in the same residence hall
  6. Idk.... I'm a mess right now.