Things I think about while I'm teaching.

  1. "Why is this building so hot, the kids are gonna think I'm gross"
  2. "You little shits didn't practice"
  3. "I'm so glad Zander isn't her anymore, fuck that kid"
  4. "Can you please just count"
  5. "I hope they don't think I'm weird"
  6. *After referencing something and get no reaction* "I'm not even that old...when were they born again?"
  7. "Oh fuck I forgot your name again"
  8. "I hope the parents didn't hear me say 'fuck' out laud"
  9. "Oh god, you either suck or I skipped a step somewhere"
  10. "Oh dear god just play the write notes"
  11. "Are you all even fucking trying?... Please be trying"
  12. "I literally said what to focus on... FOCUS"
  13. DISCLAIMER: my kids are great. They make me smile as much as they get me frustrated