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  1. This lady.
    Don't try to vote twice. Just don't.
  2. Baseball.
    The most insanely boring thing I have ever seen.
  3. Women
    I understand that i'm a guy, so it's normal, but still...i do enjoy their company.
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  1. Find the right woman.
    I did. It's not always been easy, but it has been worth it.
  2. Take your vows seriously.
    You stood up in front of everyone and told them what you were going to do, so do it.
  3. Tell the truth.
    Especially when it's difficult. It's better to be trusted than liked...unless you're asked if anything makes her look fat. The answer to that is always no.
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There's a lot to learn. Here are a few selected tidbits from a guy who has less than 3 months left in his forties.
  1. I thought I had a clue about parenting after a few years with our first child.
    Then came the second. It turns out that kid #1 was a pretty easy kid. Kid #2 taught me a lot (more) about patience and how clueless i really was.
  2. Herniated discs hurt. A lot.
    Avoid them. Watch how you move.
  3. Marriages either mellow out or fall apart.
    Half of your friends who got married in their 20's are now getting divorced. Pick your poison, but choose carefully because it matters. Thankfully, I married the right girl. It's not been easy but it's worth it.
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There have been a number of fatal car accidents locally and the needless loss of life has moved me to write.
  1. 1. Try not to get angry at other drivers.
    I've been the teenager with the fast car, too much testosterone, and too little judgement. Try not to get angry with him when, not if, he does something dumb. Let it go & hope he grows up. Keep your eyes open and give him wide berth.
  2. 2. Try not to get angry at other drivers.
    I've been the dad who hasn't slept for 36 hours because his child is in the hospital a month after he came home from China. I might screw up despite my best efforts because I 'm exhausted.
  3. 3. Try not to get angry at other drivers
    I've been the dad with kids screaming or vomiting in the back seat. It's a test. Some handle it better than others.
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  1. Liberty is cool.
  2. The Alco Black Beast
    My son Owen got to ride in a car that raced in the first Indy 500 in 1911.
  3. Meatball Hero!
    Maddy has my sense of humor!
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With a few exceptions, it's a sad list. That's what I get for 25 years in science.
  1. 1972 Plymouth Duster
    This was my first car and it was an unmitigated piece of crap, but it would not die. I bought it for $300 and drove it for 3 years. It would be an excellent car for the zombie apocalypse.
  2. 1981 Plymouth Horizon
    I bought it for $400 and drove it for about 18 months until it was wrecked while parked. For the money, it was a good car.
  3. 1982 Plymouth TC3
    I drove this one briefly because it had some spooky suspension issues that I never managed to sort out.
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  1. Cats.
    I like cats but for reasons beyond my comprehension, there are five of them in my house and that is too many.
  2. Herniated discs.
    They're unpleasant.
  3. Anything having to do with the current election cycle.
    I pay attention and I vote, but this is well past stupid.
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  1. Do it for the love. You'll make a living and love your work, but the UPS driver probably makes more money.
  2. Experiments that do something unexpected are the ones from which you learn most.
  3. Fear of failure is a larger impediment than the lack of knowledge.
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(Ok, I'm a chemistry nerd)
  1. Water. It's simple and strange and beautiful. Without it, we would not exist.
  2. DNA. The coolest molecule ever.
  3. Ethanol. It's closely related to water and much more fun (if used carefully)
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