1. Jon Orr
    Run & Gun. Medium K-D. Handsome. Total package.
  2. Ralph Perillo
    All around good guy. Underrated funny.
  3. Corey Specht
    Great mic skills. Dad bod. Camper.
  4. Mike Perillo
    Best looking on the list. Now has Dad strength.
  5. Mike Smiley
    Generally overrated. Thinks he should be #1.
  6. John Cunningham
    Mic skills overshadow any trace of COD playing ability.
  7. Ryan Skelton
    Run & Gun. Enjoys sexcations. Mic skills lacking.
  8. Gregg Perry
    Good guy. Rum & Coke king.
  9. Rob Stoner
    Camper. Deserter.
  10. Dave Wolff
    Has been catfished. Sexual preferences unknown. Might be a lawyer?
  11. Branden Williams
    Dad strength x2. Never used his mic.
  12. Beej
    Complete unknown.