1. Being trailed for three blocks by a homeless man asking us where we were from. "You girls so big you can't be from here." Homeless men in Boston are more respectful.
  2. Son of a Gun crab dip
  3. Being asked by Kate Mara and Ellen Page if I was a journalist interviewing Mindy
  4. Being driven by Mindy to various places and not dying on the way (or hitting a pedestrian)
  5. Son of a Gun lobster roll
  6. Being finally remembered by BJ (I've met him before. And before that. And before that.)
  7. Adam Countee pretending he was a man who made a vest. And wore that vest. And was proud of it.
  8. Meeting Tracey Wigfield. Must crash her wedding and sing the song I've composed for her. Must.
  9. Every night sitting on Mindy's bed brushing her hair while she tickled me. Then we had our naked pillow fight. Just like high school.
  10. Reading Min's draft book. It's really good. And I had just been reading Franzen. Usually anything after Franzen is horrible.