Brief but sweet
  1. I started in Rome...
  2. Met a nice man at this fountain whose dog was taking a swim
  3. That light 😍
  4. The first thing I ate in Italy- prosciutto e melone con burrata. I intended to take a picture of everything I ate in Italy, but I actually took very few pictures of my food. I was too busy inhaling it.
  5. No biggie, just drinking wine and eating food in a cellar that's 160 years older than the Colosseum under the amazing restaurant "Spirito di Vino."
  6. Pig cheeks hanging from a doorway. I belong here.
  7. Taken on a bridge connecting trastevere to la isola.
  8. Flavio al Velavevodetto, a restaurant dug into an ancient roman dump. Sound gross? It's not- their waste was mostly pottery, as you can see in the background. I'm eating tripa alla romana.
  9. Coratella- a mix of organs (lungs, kidneys, hearts) and artichoke. Classic, yummy.
  10. The Jewish ghetto was magical.
  11. The last thing I ate in Rome- from the inimitable "Da Enzo." Look at those 🍓🍓🍓🍓
  12. Leaving Rome was heartbreaking, but Florence was (almost) equally incredible
  13. Seeing this in person was absolutely incredible. NO. POWER. TOOLS. also you never really see his butt but he had a great butt.
  14. I had my first disappointing dinner in Florence, at a place that came highly recommended from people whose judgment I trust(ed). So I drank most of a bottle of wine and had a cocktail and got very drunk.
  15. We decided a second dinner was in order because the first was so terrible so we got a pizza and a bottle of prosecco. It made up for it.
  16. Santa Maria della Novella! Our hotel was mere steps away.
  17. The view from San Miniato al Monte. If you go to Florence, GO HERE. The most amazing little monastery and town.
  18. Day trip to Siena. Boards of meat and cheese (Taglieri) are common, wonderful meals.
  19. Oh hello there. It was 103 degrees.
  20. We left Florence. So sad. But Venice!
  21. Venice was HOT. and humid.
  23. SO MUCH.
  24. And these fucking tomatoes. They were bigger than my whole hand.
  25. That sky? No filter. Promise.
  26. Burano. Was. Amazing. Venice wasn't what I wanted it to be at first- it's so tiny and SO plagued by tourists. But the outer islands were exactly what I wanted.
  27. The fish 🐟🐟🐟🐟
  28. Italy was amazing. Rome was and always will be my favorite. I'm Rome sick. But I'll be back in less than a year, for four whole months 😍 if anyone has any tips, places to go, etc., let me know!