Inspired by @john 's super cool and insightful collection of notes, some musings from my iPhone that were probably meant to be lyrics, but are decidedly less cool and/or insightful.
  1. Keep looking out the window
  2. Rearrange the range
  3. Zebras grazin' while I ate my raisin bran
    Actually used this one in a jingle, but had to change to "raisin bread" for legal reasons.
  4. The night rushed back
  5. I told him that I liked his shirt
  6. Take the books and make them sing
  7. Down on your luck in the uck of the ground
  8. Pack away the pieces and then tape them to the wall
    This was not the angstiest thing I wrote on 10/9/13.
  9. Present tense, dependent clause, I am stalling
    This was the nerdiest thing I wrote on 9/11/13.
  10. And taxidermy ain't the life that I had planned
    A lyric for a Smirnoff add. Said ad was not produced.